New Delhi | Jagran Sports Desk: Indian skipper Virat Kohli in an Instagram live session with Indian footballer Sunil Chhetri revealed that once his father had denied giving bribe to get him selected into the junior team.

During the Instagram dialogue between the two sports stars, Sunil Chhetri asked Virat, "What was the role of your father in giving you the confidence that you have today?" Answering this Virat said, "My father was a self-made man, he studied under the street lights and worked very hard to become a lawyer, before that he had also worked in the merchant navy, for several years”.

“So he always taught me that only your hard work can keep you ahead in life. While I was growing up, he made it very clear that I have to equally work hard in sports as well as academics, focusing on one should only happen when I am clear about what I want to pursue further in life. Gradually, my game was getting better and the people around and my coach was giving him positive feedback, so I continued with cricket."

Adding to it he spoke about how his father had denied giving bribe to get him selected in the team, even though his merits were fulfilling all the criteria that were required for the selection. He said, "A man who has worked hard to achieve everything in life cannot understand the language of bribe. When 'someone' asked for money to get me into the team, my father said that 'if he plays on the basis of merit then it is fine, otherwise we don't want him to play.'

“I was shattered, but this taught me that the world works like this, and to become something you'll have to do something extra while only relying on your hard work."

Later In the interview when Chhetri asked Virat that is there something that he regrets that he could do for his father, Kohli said, "I remember my father with positivity, but I feel that if he was alive I could give him a stress-free life post his retirement."

Posted By: Talib Khan