The United Arab Emirates will host the 13th edition of Indian Premier League, IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel confirmed to news agency ANI. Patel said that a formal announcement on the matter would be made when the body meets next. 

"We have applied for the government's permission. We will discuss the further course of action in IPL General Council, Patel told the news agency. The decision to conduct the tournament in UAE comes a day after ICC's move to postpone the T20 Mens cricket world cup.

While BCCI has not released the schedule for the tournament. In all likelihood, the BCCI in consultation with the broadcaster may finalise either the September 26 to November 7 or the September 26 to November 14 window.

 With India's caseload also exceeding the 10 lakh mark, including more than 26,000 deaths, the Indian cricket body hopes to get a green signal from the government of India to move the IPL outside India.

"The IPL GC will meet within a week or 10 days and all decisions (including final schedule) will be taken there. As of now, the plan is to have a full-fledged IPL comprising 60 games and most likely in the UAE," Patel told PTI.

Asked about the main challenges in conducting the event in current scenario, Patel added: "Just the operational side of it. Whether you do it here or outside, it doesn't matter (with no crowds)."

The franchisees had already been working on their plans for the IPL even before the ICC announcement.

With the majority of the Indian players not having access to grounds amid the pandemic, teams will need at least three to four weeks to get them match ready.

Foreign players will fly directly to the UAE from their respective countries.

"Our players will need at least three to four weeks of training, if not more. We will finalise all our plans once the BCCI announces the dates. It looks like the IPL will be in the UAE and we are ready for that," a team owner told PTI.




Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Jha