New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced a new Taxpayer Charter scheme 'Honouring The Honest' to ease the Tax system. 'Seamless', 'Painless', and ‘Faceless’ would be the idea of this new scheme. The new Taxpayer Charter scheme will be highly beneficial for the Taxpayers as there will be no physical interference said, PM Modi. The burden of compliance will be eased. The new scheme will have expedited tax refunds and it will also reduce taxpayer harassment.

What is the 'Faceless Taxpayer Charter'?

In the new scheme announced by PM Modi, the Tax assesses and scrutinizers will be picked by the computer randomly. This will end unnecessary litigation and will be reduced the harassment of Taxpayers. Tax assesses and scrutinizers would not know each other and will not be bounded to work from the same place. 

What is the 'Seamless Taxpayer Charter'?

Seamless assessment will keep the transparency of the data of the Taxpayer. The IT department would not be able to question the Taxpayer without any proof or solid evidence. 

What is the 'Painless Taxpayer Charter'?

Transfer from one place to another will not be a burden anymore, the painless assessment of the new scheme allows you to get automatic transfer of your details. The draft could be filed in one city, review in another and could be finalized in the third city. The new policy will ease the procedure. 

What is the Taxpayer Charter?

It is a statutory status and empowerment for the taxpayers given by the Government of India to avoid harassment of Taxpayer and ease in the policies of Tax payments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced the latest development in the scheme to reduce the complexity in the taxpayer charter. The new scheme is based on a seamless, faceless, and painless assessment.

Posted By: Srishti Goel