New Delhi, Vineet Sharan | Coronavirus Lockdown has taught us that the practice of social distancing is likely to increase in the future as people will largely order things online than go to the market to purchase things by going out in person. Amid imposed lockdown period, work from home and home-run businesses are expected to grow rapidly.

There is no doubt that making and selling goods from home is a great way to earn money. At the same time, sitting at home, you can convert any of your hobbies and passions into a successful business. In such times, if you are still making up the mind about a home-run business for full time or part-time, we are sharing 50 business ideas with you:

1. Homemade clothes

If you are able to stitch clothes using sewing machine and you have a basic understanding about fashion, then this business can work for you. Wake up your inner fashion designer and start making clothes from home.

2. Wooden Toys

If you use wood and have carpentry skills, then your talent can be put to good use for making wooden toys for children.

3. Handbags

The fashion of handbags can never go away. You can experiment with different materials and designs. You can also make stylish and decorative handbags, which are always in demand.

4. Hair decoration accessories

There is also a huge demand for hair accessories. You can easily make hairbands, hairpins, clips, snug pins at home. Then they can be sold online or at any craft fair, etc.

5. Greeting Card

Greeting cards made at home and by hand are always in demand. All you need to make them is paper, pen, stamp, envelopes and some creative words.

6. T-shirts with logo

T-shirts bearing logos are always in demand among the youth. It has a good market value and is sold between Rs 250-500. If you have learned to make it then this business is quite easy. It also has good benefits.

7. Scented Candles

Who does not like a beautiful, fragrant candle. It is not difficult to make them at home. After mastering the candle making craft, start selling your creations online.

8. Gift Basket

Make beautiful gift baskets at home. They are in great demand during every festival, wedding and special occasion. It is also quite easy to make them at home.

9. Pillows

Decorative and hand-made pillows are extremely attractive. Just buy some stylish clothes, cotton and start sewing pillows.

10. Painting and Drawing

If you are a talented painter, you can sell your masterpieces for decoration. These artifacts can be printed and sold by making many copies. The underlined pictures are also in great demand.

11. Apps

If you are a techie, master your technical skills by creating and selling apps from home.

12. Toiletries

Handmade soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and other cosmetics and beauty products are always in demand. Only a few materials are required to make these products.

13. Plantation

If you are fond of gardens, then plant saplings at home and decorate them in a pot. Then sell them locally or online.

14. Tech Accessories

As we are becoming dependent on technology, the demand for smartphone accessories such as mobile cover has seen a surge. We can earn good money by making and selling these customized tech accessories from home.

15. Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are never out of fashion. Many kitchen items can be made from homes, such as fruit-vegetable baskets, spoons and utensil stands.

16. Handmade Watches

Clocks always have a place in our house. At the same time, watches can be easily made at home.

17. Hat

The market for caps can never diminish. Introduce ultra-cool hats to sell them online.

18. Ceramic goods

One can easily master the art of making ceramics and start selling beautiful ceramic products from home. There is a lot of demand in the market.

19. Doll

Young children like to play with dolls. They are also used in home decoration. Once you have mastered the art of doll making, you can sell dolls online.

20. Magnets

Many good gifts are made from magnets. It is not difficult and expensive to make. You can easily make and sell them from home.

21. Embroidery

Embroidery on various clothes and items can make them extremely beautiful. You can start your own embroidery business at home.

22. Spinning yarn

This work can be started with a small device and some basic materials. This yarn can be sold in its home district only. Craftmakers need a lot of yarn.

23. Bookmark

Beautiful and attractive bookmarks can be easily created at home. It can also be easily sold in the market.

24. Graphic Design

If you are a graphic design expert, you can make products with different types of graphic design at home. You can get a good amount of freelance work at home.

25. Soap

Making soap is not an extremely difficult task. They can also be sold in the local market and online.

26. Hanger

Beautiful, adorable and eye-catching hangers for your clothes can be easily made at home. You can make a good profit from it.

27. Lip Balm

Color lip balm is always in demand. You can easily make and sell them at home.

28. Belt

Belts are a must-have fashion accessory. They can be made at home using leather at a very low cost.

29. Perfume

Perfumes made from aroma extracted from plants and flowers attract everyone. You can start your own perfume making business.

30. statues and stones

Stones and statues are used extensively to decorate the gardens. These garden arrangements are always in demand. It is a good work from home business.

31.Office Organizer

These days, office organisers are in great demand. It consists of a pencil holder, a decorative box made for holding files. Making and selling a handmade office organizer is not a difficult task.

32. Customized Cups

Nowadays, there is a great demand for customized cups. It is often given to loved ones during birthdays or several important occasions. It can be easily made and sold at home.

33. Leggings

Leggings can be easily made at home. Colourful leggings are in huge demand among ladies. It is also sold at a good market price. All you need is a sewing machine and clothes to start this business.

34. Video Games

Video game developers can easily create exciting and virtual reality video games at home. They can be sold easily online.

35. Dyeing Clothes

Dyeing your clothes is also a good job. You can also start this work at home.

36. Alternating clothes

There is a great need to alter a dress, suit, jacket, curtain, and other clothes. This work can be done easily from home.

37. Bread

The smell of bread baked in the oven is extremely mouth-watering. If you like making bread then you can start it as a business.

38. Children's Clothing

Children's clothes are always in great demand. At the same time, Beautiful children's dresses can be easily made at home.

39. Cookies

If you like making cookies and your baking skills are good, then you can make delicious cookies at home. It is also easy to sell it in the local market.

40. Ornaments

Ornaments are in great demand. If you like designing and making jewelry, then this is a good business for you which can be easily done from home.

41. Furniture

If you are good at making furniture and have practical, stylish and basic knowledge about it, then start making these at home to sell at local it at local fairs or online.

42. Rubber stamp

Making and carving stamps made of rubber can be fun and creative. They are in huge demand in the market.

43. Online course

Demand for online courses has increased amid Corona lockdown. You can also run online coaching classes.

44. Picture Frames

Picture frames are easy and cheap to make. This is one thing that always remains in demand.

45. Knitted Products

There is always a demand for products like hand-woven children's blankets and children's cardigans. They are very comfortable. If you are skilled in weaving, then take it as a business.

46. Statues

You can enhance your artistry by making sculptures out of clay and other materials like plaster of Paris. These idols are sold at a good market price, so one can easily adapt it as a business.

47. Curtains

If you know how to run a sewing machine then you make attractive curtains. It is a good work from home business.

48. Friendship Bracelet

Stylish and colorful friendship bracelets always remain in fashion. They are easy to make and sell from home.

49. Carved items

Wood carved items can also be made from home. They are quite often used for decoration. At the same time, many useful items can also be made from them.

50. Photography

It is not difficult to set up a photography studio at home. So if you are a talented photographer, home studios can be a great business. All you need is porta light, tripod, chroma, and a DSLR.

Posted By: James Kuanal