New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: COVID pandemic has adversely affected the Indian economy and has forced many businesses to shut shop. But there are stories where human spirit prevailed over the crisis that has posed a major threat to modern life. Garvit's story comes as a ray of hope in these dark times. He runs a Suvidha Supermarket in Dehradun along with a dedicated team. Together, they ensured his business did not sink during the pandemic. He not only devised a strategy to fulfil the needs of customers but also found a way to grow his business.

How Garvit started his journey?

Garvit said that he and his family moved to Dehradun in 1971 and started a small shop on Saharanpur road. They started home delivery service in 2005, said Garvit, adding that their shop was known by the name Ashok-Anil brothers. In 2009, they started the Suvidha Super Market which has been expanded to 9 stores in the city now.

Solution 1: Facilities of Bonus and Pick and drop services to employees

Garvit said that due to the lockdown, employees were having all sorts of difficulties in coming to the supermarket as there was a curfew imposed in the city. So at that time, they started the pick and drop service for their employees. At the same time, the employees also made passes for themselves for commuting. "We also gave our employees a bonus to encourage them for their work," he said.

Solution 2: Change in the style of work

People at the time of lockdown were facing issues while visiting the supermarket. To tackle this issue, Garvit said that the customers started writing their suggestion and demands on WhatsApp. He said that they asked the customers to give their list on WhatsApp and they will deliver them.

Solution 3: Simultaneous delivery in societies

A major problem in the starting of lockdown was that there were many restrictions in the societies as the outsiders were not allowed to enter. However, they started making ten to twenty deliveries together in the major societies of the region. They used to shortlist the area and they preferred to deliver the products to the building and nearby houses, which also saved time and they also made sure to reach out to the people for their needs.

Solution 4: People from abroad sought help for parents

In Dehradun, many people have settled abroad but their parents live in the town and at that time we used to receive several calls from other countries to deliver products at their parent's house and we did that.

Solution 5: Customers were encouraged to use the app

Before launching the app people used to ask about the company, price, etc., before buying the product on the phone or on the WhatsApp group. It used to take a long time to check and see it. We advised customers to use our app. The use of the app increased the demand in the time of lockdown. Before the app came into force, there were rarely 10 bookings in a day but with the use of app now there are more than 300 bookings. This made the delivery service fast and easy.

Solution 6: Social responsibility

There are hospitals and some authorised quarantine centres in Dehradun which increased the demand for delivery of everyday goods and the major difficulty was that it was impossible to deliver at all these places, Our delivery boys made sure to deliver products at the designated places outside these centres. We also delivered to the home-quarantine people and they used to make online payments to us. Our work was greatly appreciated by the people in Dehradun.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma