New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk: The havoc wrecked by the deadly coronavirus cannot reduce the sweetness of Kanpur's famous 'Chhappan Bhog' sweets. Even during these testing times, Chhappan Bhog sweets is supporting people with great enthusiasm and providing them with the best quality, safe and the sweetest sweets they can ever have.

Subsequently, people have also shown trust and confidence in Chhappan Bhog sweets and not just in the taste but also in its cleanliness and safety measures taken by the shop owners amid this pandemic.

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Ravindra Gupta, the director of Chhappan Bhog sweets, while admitting that people have made them what they are now, said that 'it is our customers who bring us to the pinnacle of taste from zero. Especially in the last 6 months, the trust shown by the customers has become our support during this pandemic'.

Chhappan Bhog sweets have also communicated regularly with its customers regarding the safety measures and feedbacks while taking special care of the taste and took measures which other entrepreneurs can adopt during this coronavirus pandemic.

Sewa ka Mewa: Journey to Showroom

Ravindra Gupta said, 'Our father started with sweet-namkeen outside the mill in Kanpur. He worked for 20 hours to give people sweets and cream from morning till late at night. Prepared breakfast in the canteen inside the schools.

I started a shop in 1992 with my father Ramsharan. In the beginning, our aim was to create some space in the market. We acted on the suggestions of the people and the journey from a small shop to a showroom started. This is the reason why Ravindra Gupta today gives top priority to the suggestions of his clients even in this crisis.

Let us know from them the specific steps they took with the suggestions of the customers, which made it easy to deal with the challenge of the pandemic.

Solution - 1: Health Protection

Ravindra Gupta says that after the lockdown was imposed, we renovated the showroom. Father Ramsharan gave this idea about this change. We have created a model in which customers do not enter the shop. We have built windows outside the showroom, set up menus and installed a mic so customers and employees can communicate with each other and deliver on time. The big advantage was that the number of customers at the shop increased. Dilip Patwardhan, who lives in Lalbagh, Lucknow, said that he was hesitant and afraid to take the goods from inside the shop. But now the new advantage is that you take the goods without touching anyone, which is a matter of satisfaction.

Solution - 2: Immunity with Taste

Customers suggested that such ingredients should be increased in the sweets which are better in terms of immunity. In this way, we conducted lab testing of eight products and launched them. Among them were products like saffron-peda, cashew-barfi.

Solution - 3: Change taste and shape with tips

By the suggestions of the customers, we made Mewa Bite as an alternative to chocolate, which had better inner and outer packaging. It had a longer self-life and excellent packaging. There was a huge demand from the country and the world. Now some of my customers asked me to reduce the size of some sweets in this crisis. I implemented his suggestion and got the benefit. The motive behind making small sweets was that they could be eaten directly through the paper without touching them. Then I made a mini samosa too. Made a small modak from regular modak, which is quite popular now.

Solution - 4: Parcels and accessories from online

Ravindra said that to make some special sweets we ask for different things from different states of the country like Saffron from Kashmir, Chilgauja from Kinnaur, BlackBerry from some places. There was a problem with transportation during the lockdown. In such a situation the idea of my client Umashankar Singh worked. We ordered our large orders the same way but ordered a small parcel with our business friend's luggage for immediate needs. This solved our problem and later our luggage also arrived.

Solution - 5: Online Purchase-Payment

The biggest challenge was the gathering of materials during the lockdown. Everyone was struggling with a shortage of goods. In such a situation, a customer Sameer Mittal suggested us some online apps for viewing, ordering and paying for online goods. They helped us. This made the delivery of goods easier during the Corona era.

Solution - 6: App for delivery

Ravindra explains that the customers gave us feedback that we cannot come to the shop due to security and the phone line is sometimes busy. There is a problem in ordering in such a situation. Keeping the advice of customers, we created an app named 'Chappan Bhog'. Customers who were not able to pick up store goods started ordering through the app. This also ensured security to a large extent.

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Solution - 7: Safe packing and leisure

In order to have faith in safety and security, we started packing our sweets in a special way. The deliveryman delivers this unique packing with complete instructions, so that sweets, snacks are completely safe. Customers are also praising it. HD Jain, working in Bank of Baroda says, "Clean - unique packing gives us the assurance of safety."

In the early days of lockdown, the biggest problem was that the entire staff could not come to the office together, but where there is a will, the path also comes out. The staff suggested that limited staff be called every day. Allow those who make some specialized goods to leave at different intervals. We ensured the movement of employees. In this way, we are able to serve customers even in limited resources.

The spirit of co-operation increased sweetness

Ravindra says that during the lockdown we used to distribute snacks to 500-700 migrant labourers. Then we used to deliver food to the people through two NGOs 'Eshta' and 'Asha'. At the same time, comedian Raju Srivastava from Mumbai got a call. He spoke of helping some people of Odisha. His buses were about to pass through Lucknow. We arranged for their food.

This kind of social service is also being continued through public cooperation. This success of 'Chhappan Bhoga' between lockdown shows that if customer and shopkeeper's relationship is unbreakable, mutual cooperation, understanding and new ideas will surely lead to positive solutions, productivity and success.

Posted By: Talib Khan