New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has recently launched a new brand of Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG) Cylinders. The new brand has been named 'Indian Composite Cylinders', which is aimed at easing the burden of customers to refill the cylinders. The IOCL has attempted to make for a lighter end-product to lessen the burden of the common man's household.

What is LPG Composite Cylinder?

The LPG Composite cylinder s a triple-layered cylinder with a blow-moulded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lining as the first layer. The second layer of the cylinder is a composite layer of polymer-wrapped fibreglass, while the third layer of the cylinder is an HDPE outer jacket.


The LPG Composite Cylinder is much lighter than the steel cylinder. As per the IOCL, the tare weight of the composite cylinder is half of its steel counterpart. Customers can also check and see their gas levels as the composite cylinder comes with a translucent body. Due to its outer layer of HDPE, the composite cylinder won’t rust like the conventional steel ones. The IOCL said that the new cylinders have also been designed with a modernised kitchen in mind so it fits into place, in an aesthetical manner.

Where is it available?

The composite cylinder is currently available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Faridabad and Ludhiana. The IOCL announced that it will soon be available across the nation. The cylinder comes in two variations – the 5 Kg and 10 Kg size. Customers can replace the existing LPG steel cylinders with composite cylinders by paying the difference in a security deposit. Currently, the security deposit for these cylinders in the non-subsidized category is Rs. 3350 for the 10 Kg variant and Rs. 2150 for the 5 Kg variant.

Price and How to Book:

At present, the 5 Kg composite cylinder is available as an FTL composite cylinder at a price point of Rs 2,537 plus GST. The cost of the refills will vary depending on the periodical refills and the locations. It should be noted that the price of LPG cylinders has been hiked this month from July 1. LPG cylinder prices went up by Rs 25.00 for the 14.2 kg cylinders and Rs 75 for the 19 kg cylinders.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan