New Delhi| Jagran Business Desk: With the ongoing digitalization, the world is becoming innovative, competitive and this has also made sure that everything is available online. Thus, it is the reason why we all have become dependent on things available on the internet. It is also registered that online payments made a significant rise due to the coronavirus pandemic, as everyone was staying home and was relying more on online things, the incidence of online banking fraud also increased manifold.

Every year thousands of people report online banking fraud. The government also keeps on coming up with measures to curb this menace but it has continued to be the widely reported form of cybercrime. So, with the changing time, it becomes crucial for the users to understand the measures to save themselves from the risks of online theft like phishing, hacking, and others. So, we have come up with 5 golden tips that can save you from online banking fraud:

1. Change your password periodically

It is very important to reset the password periodically every two months as it will help you from potential hackers and will also reduce the risk of banking frauds.

2. Avoid using public computers for online banking

Make a rule in your life that you should never use a public computer or someone else's computer for online banking as it makes it easy for the fraudster to hack it and they can find ways to record your bank details and activity and that will lend you into trouble.

3. Report about the lost card immediately

If you lose your card then make sure that you report it immediately to the bank, so that the bank can block your card and it will prevent you from any future fraud.

4. Avoid clicking on suspicious mails

Do note that you should avoid clicking on the suspicious email that has several links in it as it may help a hacker get unauthorized access to your account.

5. Don't share the bank details or OTP with someone on the phone

It is to be noted that the bank never calls asking for details about the PIN, password, or account number over the phone. If you receive any such call then you should hang up the call and should report it to the bank immediately.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma