New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk: The Coronavirus crisis has affected the livelihood of millions of people across the globe with many businesses coming to a standstill. The pandemic has affected the salaried person, as well as they have been receiving their salaries with a deduction from the past few months. Despite the impact of the pandemic, there is hope for the businessmen in the coming festive season with the number of festivals lined up.

People who are struggling with their businesses can revive it by adopting some methods amid this period of corona crisis and promote their work to get the attention of the customers. Here are some methods using which you can get good returns in your businesses:

1. Design your product keeping in mind the Corona crisis: Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, most people do not want to go out of their homes. In such a situation, you should work on your products, marketing and sales in such a way that people get your services right at home.

2. Put emphasis on contactless transactions: In today's time, people avoid touching anything or coming in direct contact with it. In such a situation, if you take steps to ensure contactless transactions instead of cash, then customers get confidence in the transactions.

3. Innovation is important: You must have recently heard that auto companies have started this type of service, under which you are shown the car of your choice from home. Apart from this, you can do a test drive from home and even the delivery of the vehicle is available at home. This creates a kind of trust in the customers.

4. Can offer new types of offers in festive offers: Many surveys have revealed that people have money but are avoiding to spend it. Ahead of the festive season, if you offer people good offers, then they can think about withdrawing their money. Designing good offers and promoting them is equally important for you.

5. Assess your marketing strategy afresh: People's choices and preferences have changed after the epidemic, so you may have to change your strategy as well. This is the time when you can decide your marketing strategy from scratch. At this time, you should make people loudly explain about the USP of your product.

You can advertise new and innovative for this. For this, you can promote your product on digital platforms, news portals. For this, you can also resort to Through this, you can not only reach out to crores of people of the country, but you can also attract people from your neighbourhood.

Posted By: Talib Khan