New Delhi | Pratyush Ranjan: Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most preferred marketing tools, especially in the wake of the new normal. Increased numbers of businesses – both medium and large – are resorting to the tool to establish a long-term irreversible rapport with the consumers. But how exactly does the whole ecosystem function and is it as simplistic as roping in an influencer or creator merely on the basis of a number of followers? Jagran English spoke with Prerna Goel, a young entrepreneur and co-founder of a rapidly growing creator management agency, WhizCo, which recently collaborated with leading Indian short video apps including Josh. She explained how this new-age digital marketing tool has evolved and what impact it currently has on the market. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

How has influencer marketing changed the ball game for the new and legacy brands?

It has repeatedly been confirmed by studies that most consumers trust the word of mouth recommendations as compared to other advertising modules or channels. And this sole factor is the prime reason for the evolution of influencer marketing as a new-age marketing tool. Both new as well as traditional brands have realised the potential of the channel, owing to the relativity between creators or influencers and the end consumers. The marketing budget allocation by companies, especially the D2C brands, in the present times encompasses adequate share for influencer-driven marketing campaigns.

What are the key factors involved when it comes to influencers and creators on-boarding?

When you are creating a pool of influencers, it is imperative that you at first encapsulate all platforms. For example, while roping in influencers and creators from various social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram is inevitable, an agency must not overlook the might of short video apps, which have a much wider reach and inner penetration in India. It is also important that the talent pool is created across different categories, diverse geographies and multiple languages.

However, when we talk about the onboarding with regard to a specific campaign, the foremost factor to take into consideration is that the influencers and creators roped in must be relatable to the brand, product or service being endorsed. The monetization arrangement must be complemented with an organic element of belief in the endorsement.

Kindly brief us about your journey in the Indian influencer marketing space

Our journey began in 2018 as a hub to manage different Instagram communities, but with the passage of time, we have evolved to the country’s fastest-growing creator management agency. WhizCo is at present managing more than 10,000 content creators across various categories and languages at micro, macro as well as influencer levels. Besides, we have also collaborated with a few leading Indian short video apps to organize workshops for creators to help them grow. At the organisational level too WhizCo works with thousands of creators to train as well as assist them in honing their skills and flourishing on social media or other short video apps.

We have seen a lot of creators coming from 2 and 3 tier cities, even remote areas, what is your take on that?

The emergence of an increased number of creators from smaller cities, towns and remote parts can be attributed majorly to the plethora of short video apps that have been ruling the roost over the past few years. It has of course been enabled by the increased internet and smartphone penetration within the country. This phenomenon is a win-win proposition for brands, creators and different platforms.

How much can a creator expect to earn? Are you providing them with any learning opportunities?

We have had examples of creators, from across micro and macro levels, earning anywhere between Rs 1,000 to Rs 50,000 via different brand collaborations. In addition to it, when we collaborate with different social media or short video platforms for creator workshops and content creation, we ensure that they get a basic stipend that would help them in their livelihood. As mentioned, we relentlessly work with creators across categories to improve their content and help them with brand collaborations and monetizing opportunities.

How many creators are you managing at the moment?

We have a pool of more than 10,000 creators at present, spread across different geographical regions, languages and platforms. We have ensured that the pool comprises creators not just from metros but tier 2 and tier 3 parts of the country as well.

What are your future plans?

We are working to further expand our creator pool and make it even more diverse. Besides, we are also focusing on generating hyper-sensitive revenue streams where the creators can monetize smaller aspects of life such as what they eat or wear.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan