Shimla | Jagran Business Desk: Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Friday presented the budget for Himachal Pradesh for the fiscal year 2020-21. While presenting the budget, the Chief Minister said that the state's per capita income is much higher than that of the national per capita earning. He said that the state's per capita income is Rs 60,205 higher than that of the country.

The per capita income of the state showed an increase of about 6.6 per cent, as it increased by Rs 12,147 to Rs 1,95,255 in 2019-20, against 1,83,108 in the previous fiscal. 

He also said 50,000 farmers had adopted natural farming in the state so far. Efforts will be made to encourage more farmers to adopt natural farming for which an amount of Rs 25 crore will be spent in 2020-21, he added. Thakur said Himachal would contribute to achieve the 5 trillion dollar economy target. 

Here are the key highlights of the Himachal Pradesh Budget 2020: 

13:08 pm: "Mordern transport proposed in Hamirpur. Two new national highways will be develpoed," says the CM.

13:07 pm: The government also proposed Rs 3,986 crore for the PWD department.

13:07 pm: The government has also decided to allocate Rs 44 crore to install crash barries and improve conditions of roads.

12:51 pm: "New tourist destinations will be opened in the state. Bijli Mahadev and Rohtang roadways will be started soon," says the CM.

12:50 pm: Government allocates Rs 150 crore for 'nayi rahein nayi manzilen' scheme.

12:49 pm: Government allocates Rs 480 crore subsidy for domestic power consumers.

12:48 pm: The government has allocated Rs 2,213 crore for the irrigation and public health department.

12:26 pm: The Chief Minister also announced that Rs 1,500 crore will be allocated for monthly financial assistance to the RB patients in the state. 

12:25 pm: The government has also decided to allocate Rs 8,016 sector for the educational sector

12:24 pm: The government will also provide a grant of Rs 9 crore for better infrastructure of nine colleges.

12:11 pm: The government also announced a cluster scheme to improve the quality of primary education in the state. 

12:10 pm: The Chief Minister also announced that glacier harvesting scheme will be launched in Kullu.

12:06 pm: The government also allocated Rs 15 crore to increase forest cover in the state.

12:06 pm: The Chief Minister also said that 6th state finance commission will soon be constitueted in the state. 

12:05 pm: The government will also grant Rs 5 lakh to tobacco-free panchayats. 

12:04 pm: The government has also decided to allocate Rs 50 crore for the anti-hail net structures.

12:02 pm: Jai Ram Thakur, while presenting the budget, also spoke about the Himpragati portal and said that it is aimed to end red tapism in the state.

11:55 am: The Chief Minister also said that future cabinet meetings would paperless with the help of e-cabinet software.

11:53 am: In a bid to promote good governance in the state, the CM announced a price of Rs 50 lakh, Rs 35 lakh and Rs 25 lakh for the top three districts of the state in good governance. 

11:51 am: MLA priority meeting to be held twice in the year to review develpoment works, says the CM.

11:51 am: The Chief Minister also thanked the central government for Rs 19,308 crore revenue deficit grant.

11:40 am: Annual Plan for 2020-21 is Rs 7,900 crore: CM

11:35 am: He also praised the Global Investors Meet held at Dharamshala last month, saying it would be an important milestone in develpoment of the state.  

11:30 am: While presenting the budget, CM Thakur said the government will celebrate 50 years of statehood as 'golden jubilee'.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma