Aadhaar Card Update: What is Blue Aadhaar Card? Who can get it and how to avail | All you need to know

Blue Aadhaar Cards are new identity cards launched for children below the age of 5 by UIDAI. Know other details about the card here.

By Ashita Singh
Tue, 12 Oct 2021 11:33 AM IST
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Aadhaar Card Update: What is Blue Aadhaar Card? Who can get it and how to avail | All you need to know

New Delhi | Jagran Business Desk: Aadhaar cards are a unique identity of Indian citizens which is provided by the government. Aadhaar cards are important to avail any services from banks, public-private financial institutions, and other civic institutes.

The Unique Identification Authority of India, (UIDAI) has now launched the 'Blue Aadhaar card' which is for children below the age of 5. The blue unlike the regular Aadhaar card will be marked as invalid once the child will cross 5 years of his age, it will contain a 12-digit unique identification number.

Here are important facts about Blue Aadhaar Card that you must know:

-For availing of the 'Baal Aadhar Card' parents of the child will have to fill an application form and register. After the registration supporting documents like proof of identity address proof, date of birth certificate of the child will be required.

- Blue Aadhaar will not contain biometric information of the child, unlike the regular ones.

-After the child crosses the age of 5, they will need an update in their Aadhaar with mandatory biometrics of the child.

- As per UIDAI, this Baal blue Aadhaar card for children can be used as an identity card for toddlers to get enrolled in school. Also, for valid document proof of the child, parents can even use a birth certificate or discharge slip from the hospital.

How to get a Blue- Aadhaar card? Stepwise process here:

-Visit the Aadhaar card enrollment center with your child and all the necessary documents. Fill the application form to register.

- Parents of the child will have to provide their Aadhaar cards that will be linked to the UID of the child

- Further Parents will need to provide a phone number for the issue of Blue Aadhaar card for the child.

- A photo of the child will be required which will be clicked at the enrollment center itself.

-After verification of the documents, the parents of the child will receive a text message confirming the same.

- Blue Aadhaar card will be issued for the child within 60 days of completion of the verification.

For more details about the Blue Aadhaar Card, one can visit the official website of UIDAI.


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