New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently notified new rules for driving training centres. Under these rules, now you can get a driving licence without giving a driving test at a Regional Transport Office (RTO). However, a learner has to undergo training at any accredited driver training centre to qualify for the requirement.

This rule will come into force from July 1. It will only allow private driving training schools to function who have been granted accreditation either by the state transport authority or the central government.

“The accreditation will be given to centres that meet the criteria of space, driving track, IT and biometric system and carry out the training as per prescribed syllabus. Once the centre issues a certificate, it will reach the motor vehicle licence officer concerned,” said an official in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

This step is taken to tackle the high number of road accident-related deaths that take place every year. Through this new rule, the ministry aims to increase skills and trained drivers. “We need only skilled and trained people driving on roads, who are aware of rules and are cautious,” an official said.

According to reports by the road ministry, India recorded the highest number of deaths in the world due to road accidents in 2019. Further, road accidents in the county account for 11 per cent of accident-related deaths in the world.

What are the new rules for a driving licence?

Under the new rules, the training schools will be required to renew their accreditation after every five years. Training centres with two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and light motor vehicles should have at least one acre of land. For heavy vehicles, the centres should have at least two acres of land. The instructor should have passed class 12 and have a driving experience of 5 years.

The ministry has also prescribed a teaching curriculum and the duration of the course will be of weeks spread across 29 hours. The course will be divided into 2 segments – practical and theory. Under the practical segment learners will be required to spend 21 hours learning to drive on basic roads, highways, rural roads, city roads, driving uphill and downhill, reversing and parking, etc. The theory segment will constitute 8 hours of the entire course.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha