Why Diesel Cars Are Losing Their 'Turbo-Powered' Run In The Indian Market | Explained

Diesel engines are more efficient, powerful, and heavy, but they are disappearing from the Indian market for a variety of reasons.

Why Diesel Cars Are Losing Their 'Turbo-Powered' Run In The Indian Market | Explained
Diesel cars are expensive than the petrol cars. (Image-Unsplash)

It has been a long time since the Indian government imposed a specific life span on petrol and diesel vehicles on roads. The petrol cars can be used for 15 years from the date of purchase while the diesel car can be used for 10 years of purchase.

Why Do Petrol Engines Have An Increased Lifespan Than Diesel Engines?

Both petrol and diesel are made from crude oil, but petrol is more refined than diesel, which accounts for the higher price of petrol compared to diesel. Additionally, compared to a petrol engine, a diesel engine emits more harmful gases which is the reason why diesel engines are only allowed for 10 years.

Additionally, a car that sports a diesel engine produces more carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide if compared to cars that feature petrol engines.

Why Are Diesel Trims More Expensive?

When compared to petrol cars, diesel engines are more efficient in terms of mileage, saving around 15-20%. Another consideration is the materials used in engine production. Petrol vehicles are made of lighter materials than diesel vehicles, which raises the price of diesel-powered cars.

The cost of the fuels can also be taken into account. In India, the cost of petrol has consistently outpaced that of diesel. Due to its high production costs, diesel is more expensive than petrol everywhere in the world.

Why Are Automobile Giants Discontinuing Diesel Trims?

Many well-known diesel cars have vanished from showrooms in the Indian auto industry, which has caused some concern among auto enthusiasts. There are many factors that can be taken into account:

1. Diesel cars are slightly more expensive than petrol trims, making them unaffordable for the majority of buyers.

2. The lifespan of diesel cars is lesser than petrol cars.

3. The BS VI standards have become even stricter, making it difficult for cars to meet them.

4. Diesel car maintenance costs have risen due to technological advancements.

5. The entry of new cleaner fuel alternatives including EVs and CNG. 

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