Switzerland Mulls Banning Electric Vehicles Across Country; Here's Why

European countries are facing energy crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine war and is the reason why Switzerland is planning to ban EVs.

Switzerland Mulls Banning Electric Vehicles Across Country; Here's Why

One of the most lovable tourist attractions, Switzerland is planning to ban electric vehicles. According to a report by the Telegraph, the country is planning to do so in order to avoid the power crisis in the winter season. Notably, 110,700 vehicles were registered in 2022, making it an overall 2.3 percent of the total number of cars.

The nation heavily relies on the hydroelectric power it produces, which will eventually suffer as the water flow decreases in the winter. Additionally, the nation is dependent on outside nations and imports nearly half of what it needs from France and Germany. Notably, the Russia-Ukraine war has caused an energy crisis in every European country.

Notably, Russia has been a major oil and gas exporter, and it has been at the war for 9 months and is the main reason for the energy crisis in the European countries. On the other hand, Ukraine also exports a small amount of oil and gas to other western countries but depends on energy imports.

Switzerland is planning for a possible blackout in the country during winter and may put a limit on energy usage across the country and even ban bigger events like sports, concerts, or even movie theatres. And yes, looking at the number of electric vehicles in the country, the country may impose a ban on all the electric vehicles present there.

Till now, the country has limited the usage of electric vehicles for important journeys, for instance, going to work, visiting doctors, attending court appointments, attending religious events, and other day-to-day important tasks.

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