New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: Petrol and diesel prices have recorded an upswing since the beginning of 2021 after staying unchanged late last year. The petrol prices in the national capital reached an all-time high earlier this month following a rally in global crude prices. While the hike in prices remain a concern for everyone, here are a few things you can do to ensure you get every drop for your buck at the petrol pump.

Check meter before refuelling 

Always ensure that the meter is reset to 0 before the attendant starts filling fuel. Keep an eye on the meter at all times while the your vehicle is being refuelled. The attendant may try to block your view to the meter while you are inside the car. It is advisable that you get out of the car and check that the meter is reset.

Refuel at a reputed petrol pump

It is always advisable to refuel at a reputed petrol pump near your house and workplace, unless you need to refuel urgently. Request for a printed bill after the payment is made. It is advisable that you make payments with credit and debit cards only.

Avoid refuelling in common denominations

Avoid refuelling in common denominations, like for Rs 500, Rs 1000, or Rs 2000. The machine may have an electronic chip installed that will dispense fuel less for these common denominations.

Start-stop scam

Beware of the start-stop scam if an attendant refuels for a lower amount than you asked for. For instance, if you ask the attendant for the fuel worth Rs 2000 and he fills up for a lesser amount "by mistake", it is likely that he is attempting to pull-off the start-stop scam. After being pointed his mistake, the attendant may pretend to reset the machine, but never does so, while filling up the remaining amount and you may be cheated. 

Posted By: Lakshay Raja