New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: Everyone is quite protective when it comes to driving their brand new car. However, sometimes excitement overtakes them and causes some destruction. Something like this happened recently when an owner went to pick up his brand new Tata Punch and ended up getting it punched in the wall.

Tata Punch is the third car from Tata Motors to receive a 5-star rating (16.453) for adult occupant protection and a 4-star rating (40.891) for child occupant protection from Global NCAP. However, if you are not aware of AMT cars then, it's better to learn what it is before taking such cars on the drive. Otherwise, something like this will happen. Take a look below:

Recently a video is doing rounds on all social media platforms where a car owner lost control of his brand new Tata Punch during the delivery of the car. As per the video, the car owner sits in the driver's seat while one of the members of the staff is briefing him about the car. During the briefing, the owner accidentally steps on the clutch and moves down the ramp. Here the owner manages to stop the car, however, what happened next will leave you in splits.

After the briefing, the owner slowly turns the car to the left to leave the showroom, but to everyone's surprise, the car kept turning left and crashed into a wall. Well, this all happened as the owner was not familiar with AMT cars. The salesperson was explaining to him how to switch Punch micro SUV into a Driver mode when the driver suddenly accelerated the car. In all this, the owner was completely unaware that he has to keep his foot on the brake pedal.

Those who are not aware of automatic cars, often get confused with the missing clutch pedal. Coordinating the foot position while focusing on slowing the speed led to the owner crashing his brand new Tata Punch in the wall.

For unversed, Tata Punch is a small, compact and lightweight off-roading car. It recently entered the micro SUV segment.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv