New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: In a bid to encourage the use of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) and Colour-Coded stickers, the Delhi Traffic Police has started fining the violators of Rs 5,500 from December 15, in the national capital. The Delhi government had earlier last month resumed the online bookings of the HSRP and colour coded stockers, which was halted due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

To reach out to more and more travellers, the Delhi government had also increased the number of centres to 658 from 150 which will install the HSRP in vehicles. The Delhi government had also facilitated home delivery of number plates, for which the vehicle owners have to pay a nominal amount of Rs 100 to 200 in lieu of home delivery.

Rules made by the Delhi government for the process of installing High-Security Number Plate (HSRP) in vehicles:

- People can get their vehicle number plates installed at authorized service centres. Apart from 274 dealers, this facility will also be available at 384 authorized service centres for installation of HSRP.

- Home delivery of HSRP will also be arranged. For this, an additional fee of one hundred fifty to three hundred rupees will be charged.

- A single website URL will be made available by SIAM for booking HSRP and colour-coded stickers from 1 November. NIC will provide technical support for this website.

- After booking, consumers will get real-time updates of each step via SMS.

- Applicants will be notified at least 2 days before the date of appointment so that they do not face any kind of disturbance.

How to apply?

To apply for a high-security number plate, one has to go to where consumers will see 2 options of a private vehicle and commercial vehicle. On clicking on the Private Vehicle tab, you have to select the options of Petrol, Diesel, Electric, CNG and CNG + Petrol. After choosing the fuel type, the registration process will open the category of vehicles, from which the applicant has to choose his vehicle type. 

After this, the name of the state has to be filled. Then after selecting the dealers you have to fill the information related to your vehicle. In the last step of this process, the customer will have to provide the vehicle registration number, registration date, engine and chassis number, e-mail and mobile number.

Uploading all this information will open a new window, which will seek your vehicle documents like RC and your ID proof. An OTP will be generated after uploading all the information and papers. In the end, you will see a payment option, after which your process will be completed.

What is the Colour Coding feature?

With high-security registration, automobile manufacturers will now have to create a third registration mark on the number plate. It has to show through the colour, which fuel is being used in the car. For this, colour coding has to be done. At the same time, dealers of the company can also apply the high-security registration plate given by the old automobile manufacturer.

What will be the benefit of installing high-security number plates?

Actually, the high-security number plate is a chromium-based hologram, while the hologram is a sticker. It has the engine and chassis number of the vehicle. This number is written through a pressure machine with paint and sticker, which cannot be tampered with.

In addition, there will be a pin on the number plate that will stick to your vehicle. In case of a theft, this pin will embed the number plate from your vehicle and will become impossible for anyone to remove the number plate.

Posted By: Talib Khan