Met With Accident? Here's How You Can Claim Your Car Insurance

Here's how you can claim car insurance after an accident.

Met With Accident? Here's How You Can Claim Your Car Insurance

Car accidents are fairly common in India. Every year, many drivers and passengers are seriously injured or killed. When regular vehicles collide with dividers or other vehicles, it can be fatal to humans. The majority of car accidents are caused by other drivers and pedestrians' careless driving habits. However, not all vehicle accidents are caused by the driver's carelessness. Some accidents occur as a result of unforeseen circumstances such as road defects or unavoidable circumstances. In these situations, it's critical to understand your rights and responsibilities as an Indian car owner and driver.

First off, it's important to understand what car insurance is and why you need it. Car insurance is essentially a financial plan set up by insurance companies to cover the cost of damages caused by car accidents. There are three main types of insurance which are Third-Party Liability Only Cover, Zero Depreciation Insurance, and Comprehensive Car Insurance, in which only zero depreciation and comprehensive car insurance provide a claim to replace the car parts and the personal cover.

Here are the steps through which you can claim car insurance after an accident:

1. Inform Your Insurance Company:

Since many companies have limited time frames, the first thing you should do is inform the insurance company. Most of the insurance companies also provide roadside assistance which will definitely help you in transporting your accidental vehicle to the nearest service centre and taking you back home.

2. FIR:

If you met a brutal accident, you should go to the nearest police station and file an FIR after which police will investigate the spot. On the other hand, the report will help you file a claim. NOTE: Do not file an FIR for scratches, dents, and small accidents.

3. Record Videos For Proof:

It would be great if you have some pictures and videos of the car at the accident sight as a proof as it will help you in the smooth process of the car insurance. Also, record the number plates and eyewitnesses present at the spot for a hassle-free claim.

4. Submit All The Relevant Documents:

Submit all the documents and media files to the insurer for the inspection process to start. The document checklist is as follows:

1 Copy of the insurance policy
2 First Information Report (FIR) filed with the police station
3 Copy of the driver's licence
4 Copy of the registration certificate of the car

5. Get The Inspection Process Started:

After you submit the documents, the inspection process will start. The surveyor will conduct an in-depth inspection of the vehicle and will assess the total damage caused to the vehicle.

6. Car Repair:

After you complete all the above-mentioned steps, the car will start getting repaired depending on the claim you are opting for. The two claims include- Cashless Claim and a Reimbursement claim.

If you opt for the cashless claim, you will be allowed to take your vehicle to any of the service centres (as mentioned by the insurer) and the insurer will pay the claimed amount.

In case you opt for a reimbursement claim, you will need to pay the whole amount at the time of repair. You can then submit all the original receipts, and bills to the insurance company to which the company will respond and reimburse the total amount.

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