New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: Prompted by increased consciousness about the environment and health, the culture and usage of cycling have seen massive traction across the world in recent years. Covid-19 has furthered the trend and given a major impetus to Electric Cycles.

Hero Lectro has unveiled a new range of smart and futuristic Electric Cycles in India that promises to redefine the E-Cycle category with its precision engineering and cutting-edge design. The new Hero Lectro range gives the brand a major leap in the Smart Mobility space and is a definitive next step towards normalising E Mobility.

Hero Lectro, the flagship E-Cycles brand of Hero Cycles, has been at the forefront of the E-Cycle revolution in India as changing consumer behaviour in a post COVID world gives a boost to the segment. The company announced the launch of its novel E Cycles range to mark the first World EV Day that seeks to launch a major push towards EV adoption.

Designed at the company’s Global Design Centre in Manchester, UK, the new range of E-cycles represents the amalgamation of world-class design engineering, ergonomics and state-of-the-art EV technology.

The collection offers an array of products in the Commuter, Fitness and Leisure categories and gives Smart Mobility a new dimension with its iSmart feature that keeps riders connected with their Bluetooth devices or Smartphones.

Electric Vehicles have received a significant fillip in recent years, thanks to the government’s long term focus on shifting India’s vehicle fleet to EVs. However, it is important to ensure that Electric Cycles receive as much policy push as Electric cars for better distribution of road space as well as gains towards relieving urban congestion.

“Globally, the COVID 19 crisis has provided a major boost to the Electric Cycle category and India is gradually catching up with the trend. Promoting greater adoption of Electric Cycles is crucial to making India’s EV push a wider success”, said Aditya Munjal, Director Hero Cycles and Lectro E-Mobility Pvt Ltd.

“At Hero Lectro, we have unveiled a new range of products that promises to revolutionize urban transport while redefining the E-cycles segment. Through an array of offerings such as Commuter bikes, Fitness bikes and Fun bikes, the new Lectro range caters to different user needs and diverse segments of urban travellers”, he added.

“These Smart E-Cycles also set the bar higher in terms of making the most of the interface between our mobiles and our electric bikes. E-mobility and clean commuting are the future of urban transport and Hero Lectro is ensuring that the future is here with its cutting edge products backed with precision engineering”, he said.  

While the Commuter range enables regular short and medium distance trips, the Fun series is meant for leisure and fun biking and the Fitness series is built for those fitness ‘freaks’ who push the limits of endurance.

The iSmart feature or smart Bluetooth connectivity allows riders access to real-time information such as Speed, Maps, Battery Charge, Modes, Distance to Empty, ride history – all while they are astride the machine. Powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery and Smart EDU, these bikes offer the rider 4 unique ways to ride: the regular Pedal at the rider’s comfort; Pedalec with an electric boost; twist and glide in Throttle mode; and Cruise with the simple press of a button.  

Hero Cycles, the world’s largest bike maker by volume, has already built a strong presence in Europe through its strategic acquisition of Avocet Sports in UK as well as e-bike pioneer HNF in Germany which has a robust R&D apparatus. Capitalising on these acquisitions, Hero Cycles aims to transition from being a regular manufacturer of bicycles and two-wheelers to positioning itself as a leading provider of state-of-the-art technology-enabled ecologically-sensitive mobility solutions.

Posted By: Talib Khan