New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: The Union Road and Transport Ministry on Saturday introduced a new registration mark for new vehicles under the Bharat series (BH-series). Under this, vehicle owners would be exempted from the process of re-registering their vehicle if they shift from one state or union territory (UT) to another.

The government stated that the new facility will be available on a voluntary basis to Defence personnel,  employees of central and state governments. People who are in central and state PSU can also avail this facility. Apart from them, private sector companies whose offices are present in 4 or more States or Union territories can also take benefit of the service.

These are the steps through which a person can register the vehicle under the Bharat series (BH-series)

Step 1: The owner of the vehicle would first need a 'No Objection Certificate' NOC from the parent state in order to assign a new registration mark in another state.

Step 2: Once the vehicle owner pays the road tax on a pro-rata basis, in the new state where they are shifting,  a new registration mark will be given.

Step 3: In the third step, the owner of the vehicle needs to file an application asking for a refund of the road tax in the parent state. The provision of getting the money back from the parent state is a very long process

The format in which the Bharat series (BH-series) registration Mark will be presented is 'YY BH #### XX'.

Here the YY refers to the year of first registration, whereas the BH is the code for Bharat Series. While ####- stands for the number from 0000 to 9999 and lastly the  XX represents the alphabets (AA to ZZ).

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen