From Rear Seatbelt Reminder To SOS Integration With Cops, Uber India’s Announces New Safety Measures

Uber has made rear seatbelts mandatory for all the passengers. Not only this, Uber has added some more features in terms of safety.

From Rear Seatbelt Reminder To SOS Integration With Cops, Uber India’s Announces New Safety Measures

Uber, a popular cab service all over the world, has added new passenger safety features to its app. Ride check, seatbelt reminder, SOS integration, upgraded safety toolkit, expanded support, and other features have been added to the list.

This happened in response to the rising number of crimes and emergencies that occurred while people were riding to their respective locations. Not only that, but these extra features will also be helpful in the event that a cab is involved in an accident.

Sooraj Nair, Head of Safety Operations, Uber India and South Asia, said of the new safety and security features, "There is nothing more critical than the safety of the people we serve. Uber is committed to investing in both technology and human intervention to improve the platform experience for both drivers and riders. Today, we are proud to introduce new and expanded safety, as well as strengthened support."

Nair continued, "We think that safety never ends and will continually look at solutions to improve safety on our platform.

Find All The New Features In Detail Below:

1. The first feature is the ‘Audio Seat Belt Reminder’. With the introduction of this feature, the passenger at the start of the trip will get a notification on the smartphone as well as get to hear a command of ‘Wear Your Seatbelt’ even if they are sitting at the rear side of the car. Notably, Uber has made rear seat belts mandatory for passengers. 

2. The Ride Check is another feature that has been enhanced. This feature will now assist in identifying when a trip follows an anticipated path or when a driver abruptly ends a trip before arriving at the rider's intended destination.

3. SOS integration is another feature that has been added for the passenger's security. The neighborhood police can use this to locate you in real-time and contact you in an emergency. Although not widely used, the feature is accessible in Hyderabad.

4. The company has introduced an add-on to the existing toll-free number (88006-88666) through which the customer can report any kind of safety issues during or after the ride (up to 30 minutes).

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