Free Rental Cab Platform 'Yolo Cab' Starts Operations in the NCR Region

Unlike other rental platforms, Yolo Cab is a zero-commission platform. The company does not charge any commission from drivers on every ride they complete. Usage of the platform is free of cost for registered drivers at the moment.

Free Rental Cab Platform 'Yolo Cab' Starts Operations in the NCR Region

TO DISRUPT the existing ride-hailing business models and empower both riders and drivers, Yolo Cab, a new entrant in the rental taxi business, has announced the launch of its services in Delhi-NCR. The company soon plans to expand to other states, including Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

While the expansion to Punjab will happen by the first half of 2023, entry to other states may get announced in the second half of 2023. Going forward the company will also launch services like outstation cabs, bikes, and day rentals.

Announcing the launch, Vivek Sharma, CEO & Co-founder of Yolo Cab said, "Yolo Cab wishes to give the business model back to the drivers’ and remove corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions, thus helping drivers to provide better services. Being a zero commissions rental platform, we are running an introductory offer that is free of the registration costs for the drivers, resulting in a completely free platform to hail taxis in Delhi NCR".

"We will not charge the driver on every ride that is completed using our platform. The direct outcome of this strategy would be happy commuters and a rise in employment for thousands of drivers in the country," he added.

There is a multitude of problems riders face daily. Cancellations and high pricing during peak hours are common. This is due to intermediary commissions. Hence, drivers are often forced to cut services like switching on the air-conditioning while the ride is on. Many are unable to meet timely servicing of their vehicles due to high commissions. "Hence, transparency in the taxi rental industry has always been a concern," Vivek added.

"Yolo Cab provides a solution to all the problems being faced in the door-to-door rental car market today. While Yolo Cab is not charging commissions from drivers and enabling them to earn more, live location sharing for riders offers more safety. There is an instant cash out for drivers for online payments. Drivers can see the destination beforehand. As a result, the fare model will benefit both, riders and drivers," Vivek further stated.

To attract drivers, the rental company has offered a zero-subscription membership and experience using Yolo Cab and is also running a campaign #poorapaisaaapka on Facebook and Instagram. The company has already onboarded over 5000 drivers on the app and has more than 10,000 registered riders.

With 5000+ drivers on board and more than 15k downloads, the team is growing and working to scale in an otherwise duopolies mobility marketplace. The company’s vision is to give back to the drivers' business model for cab rentals. The goal is to create a fair, more efficient and transparent ride-hailing environment for drivers and riders alike.

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