Five Smart Ways To Avoid Traffic Challans On Indian Roads

Here are 5 smart ways following which you can avoid traffic challans on Indian roads.

Five Smart Ways To Avoid Traffic Challans On Indian Roads

Driving in India can be a nightmare at times. Many drivers and passengers commit road mishaps frequently by jumping redlight or overspeeding. These accidents occur due to simple mistakes or reckless driving. In addition, traffic cops love to punish motorists or car drivers whenever they can. These rules apply to all roads, but certain highways are notorious for their poor quality. Anyone who drives in India should follow these smart guidelines to avoid trouble.

Most traffic mishaps occur due to simple mistakes. Drivers and passengers alike tend to ignore road signs, speed limits, and traffic lights in their haste. This causes fender benders and other dangerous situations. Traffic cops are well aware of this behaviour and use it against motorists and car drivers during inspections. They wait for drivers or riders to break the rules in order to catch them off guard. Following these guidelines can help you avoid getting a traffic challan while driving.

Here are 5 ways using which you can avoid traffic challans while driving on Indian roads:

1. Watch out For The Board Signals Placed On The Roads:

Although the traffic rules and regulations are very simple, it is still important to follow them. In order to avoid any mishap or any traffic challan, a driver should keep their attention on the signal boards placed on either side of the road to avoid getting held over by traffic cops. From speed limits to sharp turns, the government has placed all the signal boards across the country for the safety of drivers.

The signals are also meant to warn drivers about upcoming dangers in the form of sharp turns, speed guns, school ahead, or any other message.

2. Carry Car/Bike Documents Everywhere You Go:

Another smart way to avoid traffic challans is to carry all the documents including RC, pollution certificate, insurance, and a valid driving licence wherever you go. If you are held over for a routine checkup and you are able to show all the valid documents, you would be free to go. It is not necessary to carry physical documents while you go for a drive, you can download DigiLocker or Mparivahan. The applications will help you carry a valid digital copy of the documents like Insurance, Registration, and Driving License.

3. Don’t Opt For Illegal Customisations On Your Bike/Car:

If you are a car or bike geek you might be already in love with the customisations that you have made on the vehicle. There are certain things that are allowed but most of the things like window taping, loud exhausts, over exposed lights, or extra loud base tubes are illegal on Indian roads and you can be held over for the same. However, you are allowed to make other physical changes or interior modifications for your comfort or luxury.

4. RadarBot Application For Speed Camera Alerts:

For a while now, every state has seen the evolution of technology in terms of road safety. The government has installed many speed cameras which can catch and fine the violators without their physical presence using laser, radar, and video analytics technologies. Not only the city, but the now-constructed highways now also have the presence of speed guns.

To cater to these traps, you can download the RadarBot app. While driving, it will notify you if there is any speed camera present in a certain radius which will eventually help you avoid overspeeding challans.

5. Keep A Calm Mindset:

Last but not least, having a calm mindset, especially on Indian roads can help in getting rid of road rage, accidents, and unnecessary fights. So keep your mind cool as it will save you a lot of money.

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