New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: The electric vehicle industry is poised to be one of the most significant upcoming sectors in India. The sector is well-aligned with the contemporary world’s (and India’s) idea of sustainable growth and smart city development. Therefore, the Indian government has been working towards a fast-paced infrastructure of this industry. The Union government’s specially designed scheme called Fame or Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles focuses on electrification of public transportation and setting up a charging infrastructure. The budget allocation of Rs 10,000 crore has been allotted to this scheme which is to be spent in a phase wise manner.

It is certainly a great idea to venture into any business that supports Electronic Vehicle (EV) industry in India. One of the most beneficial and a much-needed business ideas is EV charging stations, and if you have been wondering how to go about it, then here is a guide to begin your work on your dream project:

Location of the charging station

It is a great way to begin your groundwork as the location is a highly crucial aspect when it comes to charging stations. The location allows you to further deep dive into other critical information such as the lifestyle of people in the vicinity, vehicle purchase frequency, overall spending habits and more. Further, selecting a location close to heavy-crowd attractions such as malls, parking areas, business parks, highways, and more will be more beneficial.

Focus vehicles

Once you have selected your location, it will be easier to identify the suitable charging service you wish to offer. Unlike lead-based vehicles that use a common variant of fuel, each EV type may come with exclusive battery types. More like mobile phones and their chargers. While you can borrow your friend’s charge if s/he has a similar type of charging port, but if your phone is unique, you will have to carry your charger all the time. Thankfully you can run a survey in the nearby location of your station to understand what types of EVs are most common and what service will be more beneficial for you to offer.

Know your TG

All businesses flourish if they can tap into the pulse of their customer needs or create one that the customers will embrace. Similarly, it is essential for you to understand your customers' choices, their preferences, and their potential needs. For example, will your customer be open to playing a short video game while their vehicle is on charge and will it benefit your businesses? Adding value to the customer is extremely important, with or without additional services.

Get the power load as required

Electricity is the key resource you will need to offer proper charging, and therefore it is important to have a seamless electricity flow and in the required voltage. To get the required power load, you need to connect with the Discom operators of the area and discuss your requirements.

Designing the charging station

The design of the charging station matters as it will allow you to function smoothly without giving any unnecessary trouble to your customers or employees. Planning proper entry and exit points, keeping safety gears handy, availability of necessary facilities like washrooms and more adds to the value of the brand.

Partner with hosting service providers

Every business needs a mentor to stay put on the right path of growth. But what if we tell you, you can do it with a digital guru instead? A hosting service provider like RikaRica offers a mobile application that empowers business owners to measure demand & supply, payment received, expenditure, maintenance updates and more. All this information is shared on a real-time basis and is stored forever. The owner has the power to pull the data as required and take critical business decisions accordingly.

You must wonder how it works? Well, the application is configured with the hardware installed at the station and interacts with them to give you information on a real-time basis. With access to all the information on day-to-day business activities, one can gather interesting business insights for business growth. A hosting service provider’s sole aim is to ensure your business growth throughout the business life cycle.

(The article above is written by Samridh Singh, Founder of Rikarica)

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma