Driving A CNG Car? Check These Maintenance Tips To Save Your Money

Here are 7 maintenance tips for your CNG cars that can save you a lot of money in after sale services.

Driving A CNG Car? Check These Maintenance Tips To Save Your Money

CNG is an affordable alternative to petrol and diesel that offers several major benefits. It's much cleaner than regular fuel and produces much fewer emissions. This makes CNG cars a greener and more environmentally conscious choice for vehicle owners. While with the lesser running cost, the car gets limited performance and much more complicated installations in the engine making it harder to maintain.

Here are some of the maintenance tips that you can opt for to save money on car repairs and maintenance without sacrificing performance. Of course, regular checkups and maintenance still need to be performed on your car. Doing so ensures your car runs efficiently and lasts as long as possible.

1. Avoid Overfilling CNG Cylinder:

Make sure that you do not overfill the cylinders, especially in summer as the gas can leak out which results in wastage. Having a tank filled 2/3rd of the capacity is always a good idea.

2. Maintain Tyre Pressure:

Maintaining a proper tyre pressure between 32 psi and 35 psi will help you extract more mileage from your car.

3. Opt For CNG Compatible Spark Plug:

The spark plugs are the components that are responsible for combusting of fuel, this means CNG-compatible spark plugs are a must. Not only installing but making sure to get it replaced after a certain time limit.

4. Change Air Filters:

After a certain amount of driving, your car needs to be serviced. The only component that prevents dirt from entering your car is the air filter, so be sure to have it changed. Failure to act will result in the vehicle using more gas and performing poorly.

5. Always Start on Petrol:

To maintain the health of your car’s engine, you should always start your engine on petrol and let it warm up.

6. CNG Compliance Plate Renewal:

Once every three years, you might think about renewing the CNG compliance plate. The renewal process ensures that the fuel lines and cylinders are checked for leaks in accordance with the regulations. In addition, it improves the effectiveness of the CNG kit and has a direct effect on how well the CNG car performs.

7. Replace CNG Filter:

After 20,000 kilometres of driving, replace the CNG filter along with the air filter in your car. If this is not done, a clogged filter will be the cause of the car's perceived underperformance.

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