Anand Mahindra Thinks This EV Bike 'Could Be The Next Big Thing'; Here's Why

Anand Mahindra took Twitter to praise an EV prototype with multiple seats.

Anand Mahindra Thinks This EV Bike 'Could Be The Next Big Thing'; Here's Why

Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra, an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing corporation, has praised a man for developing an electric two-wheeler with multiple seating layouts, praising the invention for its smart and utilitarian design. Anand stated in a short video posted on Twitter that this innovation could be the next big thing in the global market. He also mentioned Pratap Bose, an Indian automotive designer who works for the Mahindra and Mahindra group.

"This device could find global application with only minor design changes (cylindrical sections for the chassis @BosePratap?). As a tour 'bus' in congested European tourist areas? I'm always impressed by rural transportation innovations, where necessity breeds invention, "Mahindra tweeted.

With over 10 Million followers on Twitter, Anand Mahindra is now popular to share witty, quirky, and informative tweets. Not only this, he never fails to praise the innovative people who come up with new innovations and designs in the automobile industry.

Recently, Anand shared a tweet saying “Go get ‘em Cowboys…And perhaps this will be the introduction of this uniquely American sport to 1.4bn Indians!” while he introduced his new team. The whole team was seen wearing a cowboy hats. Twitter users started making photoshopped pictures in which his face has been placed on the cowboy picture. Replying to a picture, Mahindra tweeted, “But I much prefer this. And it’s given me an idea… Maybe it is indeed the time and time to try out a white beard.”

Not only limited to it, Mahindra has also been following goodwill gestures. Notably, the chairman gifted two Indian cricketers- Shardul Thakur, and T Natrajan brand new Mahindra Thars as a goodwill gesture after they have performed exceptionally well in the India- Australia series.

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