New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: Dutch car manufacturer PAL-V has announced the world's first flying car and named it PAL-V Liberty. In another good news for the company, the European government has also approved the use of this flying car on roads. However, it will be initially used as a commercial vehicle. With this, people all around the world will be able to see a flying car above the roads.

Testing was carried out for the first time in 2012: PAL-V Liberty recently passed stringent European road tests, after which it is now allowed to run on the roads with an official license plate. Since February 2020, a test program for this car is being organised continuously, which included high-speed brakes and noise pollution tests. The prototype of the car was first flown by the company in 2012. Since then the PAL-V is testing the car's performance continuously.

Prices start from 2.52 crores: The price of PAL-V Liberty starts at around Rs 2.52 crores. However, the tax has not yet been included in this price. The car has also been sent for aviation certification in 2015 to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), which will reportedly be finalized by 2022. Only then the delivery of this flying car will begin.

Speed of 100kmph in just 9 seconds: The PAL-V Liberty uses a dual engine. It can ride two people at a time. According to the company, its top speed is 160 kmph, while it can catch a speed of 100 km in just under nine seconds. This car can fly up to 1,315 km at a time. In the flight mode, it is limited to a maximum speed of 180 kmph and 500 km.

On the launch of the world's first flying car, PAL-V CTO Mike Stackelberg said, "We have been collaborating with road authorities for many years to reach this milestone. To make this car successful, its design follows both wind and road regulations".

Posted By: Talib Khan