Will Real Aam Aadmi Please Stand Up? MCD Verdict A Reality Check For AAP

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 15:00 IST

Arvind Kejriwal needs to come clean on what he has done for Delhi people rather than beat around the bush.

Will Real Aam Aadmi Please Stand Up? MCD Verdict A Reality Check For AAP
Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP lost Delhi MCD polls

Is AAP still relevant in Delhi? Has AAP lost its Midas touch? Do common people still identify with AAP?

The sole answer to these questions is today’s MCD result that clearly shows that the Saffron wave has clean swept the Broom. AAP’s loss in Delhi is a major setback for the young party’s ambition and it will now have to do a lot of spadework and troubleshooting to regain public trust and the lost ground.

The party has lost its sheen very fast and its enthusiasm and vigour after coming to power in Delhi have taken a nosedive as AAP was more focused in states like Goa and Punjab.

After facing defeat in the recently concluded Punjab and Goa elections, Aam Aadmi Party convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal realised to safeguard its roots.

Arvind Kejriwal needs to come clean on what he has done for Delhi people rather than beat around the bush. This time, in order to woo the voters, Kejriwal had announced that if AAP wins the civic polls, it will abolish the residential house tax and waive off arrears, but looks like this incentive did not strike a chord with delhi voters. They want to see performances.

Here are few lessons for AAP after their downfall in MCD elections.

Performance Matters, Not Promises

No party can survive solely on promises for long as actions speak louder than mere words. Mr Kejriwal all we have heard is deceiving and tall claims that have not been fulfilled in your two year stint. When you have the heart of nation in hand, then you need to handle it with care as it gives an overview of other states’ condition.

The promise to regularise the unregularised areas in a year lost somewhere in the whims and fancies of politics. Then there were some more promises that prove idiom, ‘promises are meant to be broken’, true. Delhi people also want to know the status of providing free WiFi to citizens, last mile connectivity, providing women’s safety on buses by deploying marshals, opening of schools and much more. Have you done anything rather than fooling people?

Complaints! Complaints And More Complaints

AAP was crushed in Goa and Punjab miserably and they put the burden of loss to EVM tampering machine. This issue refuses to die down as Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia again took to twitter and blamed EVMs for their defeat.

AAP needs to accept the fact that table has turned around. Now, the ball is in ‘Dhakad voters’ court and they pronounced the judgement of not trusting you again as they are tired of listening your complaints and coming with explanations everytime rather than doing anything on ground. Certainly, EVM tampering and Delhiites has plotted a strategy against you together. (pun intended)

Stop Playing Victim Card

It’s high time that AAP should get it clear as glass that you can't continue to portray yourself as ‘suppressed child’, who is struggling to survive against the powerful man (PM Modi) when he himself is now the Chief Minister of a state. Arvind Kejriwal was indulged in a tug of war with former Lt. Governor najeeb Jung and has always blamed him to abstaining from doing anything and creating hurdles in the Delhi government’s operation on the guidelines of PM Modi and Central Government.

People are mature enough and believes in some one who doesn’t recites problems but comes with a solution to provide a liveable situation in capital. In last two years, due to this ‘dramebazzi’ development took back seat.

Concentrate On Your Roots First

If you want everything, you’ll end up with nothing! First show some results in the national capital and then work for your ambition to become a national force. Focusing on an aggressive expansion plan sidelined the governance of Delhi.

The basic amenities is worst in Delhi, Its vision document that came up with a comprehensive plan on how to make Delhi a garbage-free, epidemic-free, congestion-free city with sustainable solid waste management, focussing on unauthorised and undeveloped colonies and slums lacks the idea of application.

Warnings Never Work, Solutions Do

Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP started Delhi civic polls campaigning in a confrontation approach. But, this doesn’t work when you are the CM. Gone are the days of working as an activist. Few days before Delhi MCD polls, Kejriwal changed the style of campaigning, He said that if people vote for the BJP they themselves will be responsible if their children contract diseases.

However, with this statement he himself indicated the gruesome governance in these years. Later, he even warned of launching a ‘movement’ if the MCD poll results go against AAP.

The Aam Aadmi Party that drew its inspiration from the common man, has ultimately forgotten its core voters that are way too common like Delhi Autodrivers. Don’t aspire to make Delhi looks like London, but start working to make it a sustainable metropolitan.