Zaigham Imam's Alif Is An Eye Opener

Sat, 19 Nov 2016 13:54 IST

Alif is a movie about Hakim Raza, who lives with his orthodox family in a Muslim majority area of Banaras.

Zaigham Imam's Alif Is An Eye Opener
Aditya Om

Director: Zaigham Imam
Cast: Neelima Azeem, Danish Hussain, Bhavna Pani, Aditya Om, Saud Mansuri, Isshan Kaurav, Gaurishanakr Singh, Simala Prasad

Hakim wants his 10 year old son, Ali to study in a good school but couldn't get him enrol due to the influential orthodox seminary education and his fellow neighbours.

His life changes after his sister comes to India from Pakistan and insists that he send Ali to a good school. This causes tension with his neighbours and seminary teachers who start threatening Hakim and persecuting Ali with false reasons as they want him to become a scholar of Quran while Hakim and his sister Zahra want him to become a doctor.